Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.

Liquid for Life

Liquid for Life

Liquid for Life

Join MHW Ltd and Cross Catholic Outreach in Liquid for Life, providing safe, clean water in Haiti!


When Father Glenn Meaux and his missionary team arrived in Kobonal in 1989, families were starving, children were dying from dirty water, and unemployment was rampant.

Over the last two decades, the Kobonal Haiti Mission has helped many families overcome these hardships. “Throughout these years living among our Haitian brothers and sisters, we have clearly seen God’s hand hard at work,” Fr. Meaux says. “Hundreds and hundreds of people have experienced dramatic positive changes in their lives. God has changed hearts. There now exists among our families a vibrant faith community, whose members reach out in loving service to others.”

This overwhelming transformation is heartening, but there is still a great need for our help to expand the outreach in the Diocese of Hinche, which is home to half a million people, many of whom still live in dire poverty.

Delivering clean water is particularly important, as are projects that promote improved hygiene.




MHW Ltd. (formerly named Monsieur Henri Wines, Ltd.) created Liquid for Life, a campaign in partnership with Cross Catholic Outreach, to dig and install wells and pumps to benefit poor villagers living in Haiti’s Central Plateau. Each well costs approximately $14,636 which includes drilling, installing a pump, building a shed to store supplies, and providing education to community members on how to fix and maintain the wells.

“Liquid For Life has been a program which MHW initiated many years ago. As a company that assists new wine, spirit and liquor brands in entering the US market, we have been privileged to touch so many countries. While we have the opportunity to help Americans experience some of the culture of foreign countries through the local beverages they produce, we see many parts of the world where people can’t even access clean drinking water to live. Ironically, often times the water is available in their local area in the form of underground springs. The major challenge is access. With the help originally of the Saint Patrick Fathers missionary and other charity organizations, MHW has been able to fund water pumps / water wells in locations such as Africa, Haiti, and other Caribbean countries.  We look forward to continuing with this critical objective-to give liquid and life back to people in places that really need it.”  - John Beaudette
If we raise $43,908 together, we can provide 3 wells that would forever change the lives of 981 families in the communities of Locawil, Maria Lapas and Mirerbalais!

Will you help those you have never met receive access to clean water that they so desperately need with a tax-deducible gift?

Of course, any amount is welcomed because every gift, large or small, will make a difference.


Our Promise to You – Proceeds will go directly to the most urgent projects of the need you have selected. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fund a particular project in any given category, the excess fund will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.



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