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Campaign for Human Dignity

We invite all NCCW members to join Cross Catholic Outreach's Women for Life Campaign, an initiative to honor the sanctity of life by restoring the dignity of poor women and children in Haiti and Guatemala. By supporting projects that feed hungry children, educate the poor, and rescue vulnerable victims from the snares of human trafficking, we will declare that we value life as God does. Please support these ministries and lift up the poor in developing countries!

"Caring for life from the beginning to the end. What a simple thing, what a beautiful thing... So, go forth and don't be discouraged. Care for life. It's worth it." —Pope Francis

In Haiti
Fight Human Trafficking with St. Teresa Safe House
St. Teresa Safe Home
When authorities thwart human trafficking attempts at the Dominican Republic border, they often discover victimized children are involved. Alone and too young to understand what is going on, these frightened boys and girls are unable to provide their home addresses or their parents' full names, making it impossible for the authorities to reunite them with their families. The Evangeliste Sisters give these needy children a safe, loving place to stay while authorities work to identify the children and find their parents. The sisters also help raise community awareness on human trafficking issues.

Donate now to help rescue vulnerable children at risk:

Support the Capuchin Sisters at St. Joseph Nutrition Center Rescuing Starving Children
In Guatemala

St. Joseph Nutrition Center
At the St. Joseph Nutrition Center in Zacapa, Guatemala, the Capuchin Sisters nourish severely malnourished babies and toddlers back to complete health. Children live at the center during the week, and go home with their families over the weekend. When children graduate from the program, families continue to receive food staples and parents are educated on nutrition, health and hygiene, and they continue to come to the center for regular checkups to monitor each child's progress.

Feed malnourished children:

In Haiti
Educate and Feed Needy Families at Marie Louise Bayle Center
Marie Louie Bayle
The Sisters of Mary Immaculate provide help to poor families living in the slums of northeast Haiti province. Through the center's programs, the Sisters offer nutritional, medical and educational programs for children and youth. They also foster students’ spiritual formation through daily prayer, songs, Bible readings and reflection. The Sisters train mothers and caregivers in first aid, vaccinations and nutrition. This ministry breaks through the slums' oppressive hopelessness with the love of Christ and empowers families to better their lives and their futures.

Give hope and future to a needy family:


For more information please contact Tessie O'Dea at 1-800-914-2420 ext. 158 or via email at

Proceeds from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures for the ministry's greatest needs incurred through June 30, 2018, the close of our ministry's new fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.

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