Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.

About Parish Services

Cross Catholic Outreach offers U.S. parishes an exciting way to learn about the life-saving work of the Church overseas—the Outreach Priests program.

Cross Catholic partners with parishes and Catholic ministries in developing countries, where priests, nuns, and lay leaders have committed their lives to helping families in need. Their service produces wonderful fruits for the poor; and in the process, poor families experience the sustaining power of Christ’s love.

In a very real sense, the Church is shining a bright light – a beacon of hope – into areas long shrouded in spiritual darkness.

Since these faithful Catholic servants work with humility in remote locations, their stories are rarely heard. At Cross Catholic, we believe it’s important for your parish to hear about the blessings and challenges of this vital mission, and we offer our Outreach Priests to share the story with you. It's an uplifting presentation that will energize your parish!

You can always contact our Parish Services Department by Email or by calling (800) 914-2420.

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