Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.


In the mountains of Zacapa you will work alongside Guatemalan missionaries and minister to some of the area’s neediest families. During your week-long stay you will put your love and energy to use in many of the ministry’s outreach programs, such as:
  • Rescue Center — Give loving care to starving children being nurtured back to health.
  • Feeding — Provide food to hungry families in various communities.
  • Elder Care — Perform needed chores and visit the infirm at the home for the elderly.
  • Orphan Care — Brighten the smiles of children living at the orphanage.
  • Education — Observe and help in the mission’s school.
  • Water Project — Work to dig wells and bring clean water to people who need it.
  • Home-Building — Construct homes for impoverished families, primarily single mothers.

Click Here to contact the Mission Trips coordinator about how your group can sponsor and work a project in Guatemala or call 1-800-391-8545.

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