Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.

About Church and Clergy

Cross Catholic Outreach’s support of the missionary efforts of the Catholic Church in the developing world is endorsed by more than 70 U.S. Bishops, encouraging parishes across the United States to invite a Cross priest to speak on behalf of the poorest of the poor. These visits are instrumental in mobilizing parishes and schools to understand how their local church can partner with Cross to help support our missions.  

Clergy and Diocesan Relations networks and updates U.S. Bishops about our dynamic ministry; visits seminaries, hosting presentations covering the scope of our Worldwide outreach, which is a vital part of their priestly formation program; manages our relationship with the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, which is charged with the concrete realization of the charitable intention of the Holy Father. Click on CDR on the left for more information
Hosting an Outreach Priest allows you to meet the priests who work for Cross.  Our Parish Services department works with pastors and parishes to invite Cross priests to visit them and share the good work of Cross. If you are a Roman Catholic priest in good standing interested in speaking on behalf of the poor, click here to view our job opportunities.
Church and Community Development works with parishes and schools to raise awareness and funds for Cross projects worldwide.

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Cross Catholic Outreach is a 501c3

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