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Joe Yamamoto, ANCOP, and his wife Mila, Joanne Miceli-Bogash and Fr. Bernard at CIVI2014

"We had a wonderful visit with Pope Emeritus Benedict. It was an opportunity to thank him for his teaching about the ministry of charity such as in his encyclical Deus Caritas Est and Caritas in Veritate. We also want to share with him some of the ways it has borne fruit in our ministries. It was a great honor to to be welcomed so warmly and personally by the Pope Emeritus. We'll continue to pray for him and give thanks for the way the Lord has used him to bless the whole Church." -Jim Cavnar, President of Cross Catholic Outreach (Click here to read a Press Release)

Fr. Bernard, Msgr. Anthony Figueiredo of the Pontifical North American College, a presenter at CIVI2014 and Joanne Miceli-Bogash after Mass on Sunday

Henry Cappello, Founder and President, Caritas in Veritate International USA and co-sponsor with Cross Catholic Outreach of the CiVI 2014 in Rome, with his wife, Sabina Lee Cappello, a presenter at this year's conference

Priests on the altar of St. John Chrysostom

Fr. Bernard Olszewski and Msgr. Ted Bertagni celebrate Mass on Friday at the Altar of St. Peter

Altar boy prepares for Mass this morning at the altar of St. John Paul II

Priests arriving at the altar of St. John Paul II, St. Peter's Basilica

Fr. Bernard Olszewski con-celebrates Mass at the altar of St. John Paul II

Msgr. Ted Bertagni and Fr. Bernard Olszewski were among the con-celebrants at this morning's Mass at the altar of St. John Paul II

Msgr. Ted Bertagni greets Cardinal Paul Cordes, former President Cor Unum at CiVI2014

Jim Cavnar with Cardinal Paul Cordes at CiVI2014

Jim Cavnar, Cardinal Paul Cordes, President Emeritus Cor Unum and Joanne Miceli-Bogash at CiVI2014

His Eminence Cardinal Paul Cordes delivers his address "Paradigm Shift: The Aim of Caritas and its Agents"

Moonlight meets a heavenly morning at St. Peter's

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