Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.

How We Gather Data

As part of our sacred trust to wisely use our donor’s gifts, we monitor the activities of our overseas ministry partners and require those who receive cash grants or in-kind donations (food, medicine, etc.) from Cross Catholic to report their activities and results on a regular basis.

Partners who receive large grants are required to submit multiple reports each year, while partners receiving smaller grants (typically $6,000 and under) must provide reports annually. In addition, our international field officers make one-on-one site visits to evaluate project partners at least once a year. Partners who receive goods-in-kind of a lower dollar value are visited approximately every three years. Through this exacting process, we gather data, track the progress of the projects, build case studies on results and celebrate the spiritual awakening that is achieved as we spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ among families who previously knew nothing but the daily struggle for survival.

We aim not only to provide quantity but also quality and to match donations with the ministries that have the need and the capacity to use them, so that every gift has the maximum impact on the poor. For example, to ensure that in-kind donations are used wisely and effectively, we only accept truly useful items (typically pre-approved by an overseas partner) and require the overseas ministries to submit feedback reports on each shipment.

Through this proactive, thoughtful approach to working with our ministry partners, it is our goal to empower the Church’s social outreaches all over the world, growing and improving the impact of the dedicated priests, sisters and Catholic lay leaders working “in the trenches” for the benefit and blessing of the poor.

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