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PR - 05.01.15

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Cross Catholic Outreach Sends Speedy Aid to Nepal 30,000 Earthquake Victims Will Be Helped

Friday, May 01, 2015. Boca Raton, Florida —Cross Catholic Outreach, a non-profit relief and development organization founded in 2001 to help “the poorest of the poor” around the world, has shipped aid to earthquake victims in Nepal and expects the resources to arrive in the country next week.. Most of the shipment will be earmarked for remote areas of Nepal where relief has reportedly been slow to reach victims.

The relief drop will include three Interagency Emergency Health Kits (IEHKs). IEHKs are United Nations-approved, pre-prepared packages containing one ton of medicine, medical supplies and low-tech medical devices specifically designed to help doctors and nurses combat diseases in the challenging conditions of disaster areas. This significant shipment of medical aid is designed to treat 30,000 people for 90 days and represents an important outreach in these early weeks of the disaster.

Cross Catholic Outreach wants to target rural areas because early reports from the field suggest that badly-affected villages in remote locations had not received assistance. “Speed is of the essence,” said Cross Catholic President James J. Cavnar. “Given the enormity and wide swath of this disaster, each day without relief means more suffering and possible loss of life. We are shipping the kits expeditiously and have systems in place for swift and efficient distribution. We pray for everyone in Nepal and want our aid to reach those who are suffering as quickly as possible.”

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