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PR - 10.11.16

Contact: Brian Schutt


Cross Catholic Outreach Provides Hurricane Relief to the Poor
Through Its Network of In-Country Parish Partners

For more than 15 years, the Cross Catholic Outreach relief and development ministry has served the poor in Haiti through a group of dedicated parish partners located throughout that country.  Today, in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, that network of Catholic leaders is helping Cross play a significant role in disaster relief within the storm-torn country – most recently by assisting in the distribution of nearly 500,000 nutritious meals and thousands of doses of lifesaving medicines.

“We were able to respond very soon after Hurricane Matthew hit the south coast of Haiti.  We had about 40 tons of food and medicine pre-staged in the country and were able to route those resources to the areas in greatest need,” explained Jim Cavnar, president of Cross Catholic Outreach.  “We partnered with our sister charity, Cross International, to increase our impact and to get those essential items out as quickly as possible.”

The network of in-country Catholic leaders affiliated with Cross Catholic Outreach also gives the ministry eyes, hands and feet on the ground.  These in-country parish partners have been reporting details about the areas of greatest need and are paving the way for even more relief shipments to come.

“Cross Catholic Outreach has an office in Haiti too, but the parish partners are the real key to our success.  They provide the boots on the ground, and they ultimately implement many of the relief efforts we want to accomplish. Our role is to empower them, and we do that by collecting the financial contributions and resources they need to address specific situations.  To most, we supply food.  Others need safe water.  Many are also asking for building materials to repair damaged homes, orphanages and clinics,” Cavnar said. “The donations we collect in the U.S. are essential because they provide us with the flexibility to fund exactly what our church partners need most.”

With the help of donor contributions, Cavnar said Cross Catholic Outreach and Cross International intend to have waves of aid moving into Haiti during the weeks and months ahead.  Already, another 140 tons of food and medical supplies are being prepared for shipment into Haiti, and additional resources will follow soon after.  The charity has also committed $100,000 to purchase materials in Haiti for the rebuilding of houses and ministry buildings that were destroyed by the storm, and Cavnar wants to increase that amount significantly with financial support from the public.

“Cross Catholic Outreach has been in Haiti for years – and we’ll be there for many years to come.  We intend to stand with and by our Catholic partners there, helping them rebuild and restore the missions that were damaged or displaced by the hurricane,” Cavnar said.  “These Catholic ministry partners are pillars in their communities and are a tremendous blessing to the poor they serve.  We’re going to do everything we can to help put those impacted by this storm back on their feet again.”

For more information on Cross Catholic Outreach or to contribute the charity’s relief work in Haiti, visit or call 1-866-805-9904.

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