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Powdered Milk

Give the Precious Gift of Milk to Severely Malnourished Children! 

Milk is a rare and precious gift to the many poor and hungry children in Haiti, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and other developing countries. It’s full of nutrients – a rich source of calcium, protein, potassium, vitamins A and D, and more. Providing it means giving strength and new hope to children who have so little.

Cross Catholic Outreach has an opportunity to buy full cream milk powder in bulk for the children at a fantastic price!

Please help us deliver this powerful life-sustaining gift to strengthen malnourished children praying for help!

Each 55 lb. bag of milk powder costs us $67.69 and provides 50.6 gallons of milk. (That price includes the cost of shipping!) If you do the math, you’ll see that an 8 oz. tall glass of this full cream milk costs less than 8 cents!

We need to raise $17,058 by April 30 to purchase the 252 bags of milk – and we’re praying you’ll help us with the most generous gift you can provide.


Your tax-deductible gift of $33.85 will buy half a bag of powdered milk which can supply 25 gallons of precious milk for children in need. $67.69 buys a full bag of milk – enough to make 50 gallons. Every gift helps, so please be as generous as you can!


May our Lord bless you for reaching out in love to these innocent children in need. Your kindness will bring them relief, renewed strength and hope.

Thank you for putting your compassion into action! 

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