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Box of Joy

    Year in Review



    Little Francis is from a very depressed rural area near the coastal town of Les Cayes, Haiti. She lives with her mother Roline and her father Jean Claude who is a laborer. Their home is a tiny shack, which blew down during a hurricane in 2016 and had to be rebuilt with the scraps they could find. Her mother cooks on an open fire and does odd jobs to pay for Francis’ education at the Pwoje Espwa Sud school and orphanage which is supported by Cross Catholic Outreach. Roline typically puts five-year-old Francis on a motorcycle “taxi” to get to school, but there are many days when she has no money for that fare. She is so committed to her daughter’s education that on those days, she carries Francis on her back for the one-hour trek. For children like Francis, receiving a Box of Joy is truly a dream come true!


    Mayra Noemí is a 6-year-old girl who suffered abandonment. One day, her mother just left her inside the little shack they called home and padlocked the door. When the neighbors heard Mayra’s cries, they called the police who broke down the door to rescue her. When her mother did not return, the village leaders met about the crisis and a wonderful neighbor, Mrs. Amparo Gómez, agreed to take care of little Mayra. After such an ordeal, the little girl was very happy and grateful for her Box of Joy!


    José Obdulio is a 5-year-old boy who constantly suffers from respiratory problems. His mother cares for the home and his father works as a laborer, earning about $5 a day. Extreme poverty has kept them from finding a cure for José’s medical condition, so the family must travel to the regional hospital in Cuilapa twice a month for temporary treatments. To make matters worse, one of his sisters suffers from malnutrition and is in crisis care. Everyone in the family felt very grateful for the gifts they received since they cannot afford Christmas presents for their children.


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